Online Training Courses at Excel Consulting:


Our online courses can be completed at any time online. Once you have purchased an online training package from us we will send you login details and give you access to a training portal. The training format is described in more detail below:

Online Course Details
Each Student receives
  • Excel Training WorkbooksOnline courseware
  • Diagnostic Test
  • Excel Training Customer ServiceIndividual login details


How our Online Training works:


summary of online training

  • After logging in to the ICDL e-learning platform, you will be able to select the modules with the credits you have purchased.
  • Every unit will start with a Summary of what you will be learning in each lesson.


section of online training

  • As you advance though the lesson, the e-learning tool will show you step by step how the tasks should be completed while a narrator guides you during the process as well.


knowledge check of online training

  • At the end of each lesson you will have a knowledge check to ensure that you’ve accomplished the learning objectives.


Practice Test:

The practice tests are undertaken with a combination of your web browser and desktop. Questions are asked in a web browser window and your answers are submitted on your desktop application.

You can start the practice tests at any point however it is advisable to have at least previewed the content in your courseware.

After completing your practice test sections that require review can be followed up on your courseware again.

online training properties

When you finish the test, you will receive feedback and your respective score.