Booking and Payment

Can I book multiple courses at once?
Can I book my course online?
What do the traffic lights mean?
How much will my training cost me?
How can I pay for my training?
Can I cancel or postpone my training?
Can I book group training with Excel Consulting?
A course that I am interested in is flagged amber. How do I know how many seats are remaining?
How long do I have to re-book my cancelled course?

About Our Training

What type of training do you provide?
Can you customise a training program for the needs of my team?
What comes with the training?
Who will train me?
Why are some courses offered more frequently than others?
What's the training environment like?
Can you provide training on my premises?
Can you advise me on which course or courses will best meet my needs?
What's in the course pipeline for Excel Consulting?
When will I receive my certificate?
When will I receive my booking confirmation and Invoice?

Training Day Information

What time does my course start?
How many people will be in my class?
Will I be training on a PC or Mac?
What version of Office do you use?
What do I need to bring on the day?
Is lunch provided?
Do your courses qualify for Continuing Professional Development (CPD)?
Is there parking nearby?

About Excel Consulting

Who is Excel Consulting?
What is Excel Consulting's ABN?
Where are the training centres located?
I want to work for Excel Consulting
Is Excel Consulting government procurement compliant?