Excel Consulting specialises in Microsoft Access consulting and support. We can help you to automate repetitive tasks, generate data rich reports and set up a networked database where multiple users can share and update data without overwriting each other’s work. 

Why choose Microsoft Access?

Access is usually the first choice for businesses who want to gather and consolidate disparate data quickly and effectively. Excel Consulting can consolidate your data from Excel to enable you to add and join tables, create queries (or views of your data), structure the data and define data types to help ensure data integrity. This will allow many users to create and share data and enable you to create powerful reports and forms.

Some of the projects we have helped our clients with include:

  • Converting Excel Spreadsheets to an easily managed and organized user-friendly database data analysis and database design
  • Create design queries, forms, screens and reports
  • Incorporating VBA for fast, custom built solutions
  • Data consolidation
  • Excel/Word/Outlook Integration
  • User training
  • Existing database support