My Experience


My experience with this topic is through my work in real estate. Individuals needing to represent themselves and their “personal real estate business”, but also needing a company banner/brand to operate under to be successful and have a larger presence and reach then they can generate themselves in the community.

The real estate business model is not always as easy to get everyone on the same page as it might be in a traditional business hierarchy structure.
In saying that there can be more opportunities as a real estate company to utilise all the staff to their full potential for developing the real estate brand, and this is where having everyone on the same page comes into play.

At the simplest level, having the ability to easily use computer programs day to day, can be one of the differences between a highly productive agency/agent that will survive the ups and downs of the property market and one that will not last on the down turn of the property market.
If that is too dramatic for you, then at the very least you will have an agency that is highly productive and the time to money ration will sit on a positive setting.

The best example of continuity in any company that shows instant results, is the marketing material with consistent branding templates and campaigns. This is proven to increase brand awareness and branding by association (you see a (Nike) ‘tick’ you think Nike; you see a specific tone of ‘red’ you think Coke).
Having the marketing the same across the board frees up employees to concentrate on the tasks that create opportunity to generate growth and increased income.
It really is as simple as having your whole workplace on the same level.
The day to day computer programs used in the business are an extension of the employee, to enhance their abilities and complete the tasks that generate business growth for the individual and the company brand.

Having a greater knowledge of these programs through professional development is an investment for all employer and employee and it also prepares the business to stay competitive in the future, by keeping the company up to date on emerging technology and also knowing how to use these technologies.

The concept is very simple, implementing it is the challenge. All it takes is a small sacrifice of time in the present to save a lot of time in the future with the potential for a large return on investment.

This challenge is something I enjoy helping companies with when organising onsite group training, it is always enjoyable to help a company setup an investment in their employees and business.