Case Study



Our client had received a quote of $250,000 to create a customised iPad app that would help to measure the sales and productivity of their staff without them having to return to the office at the end of the day to complete their daily metrics. The client was on the verge of accepting the proposal when we were contacted. After extensive consultation and a site visit, we developed a customised web based form to capture the sales team data that required at the end of the day. The form was optimised to be used on hand held devices such as an iPhone.


Excel Consulting designed and delivered an innovative, cost effective solution without a major sales system overhaul. We enabled their sales representatives to quickly and easily enter sales data from the road, freeing up their time and enabling them to focus on increasing sales. We were able to save our client more than $250,000, including the purchase of tens of thousands of ipads, streamline their sales reporting process and help them to capture data that was then used to populate various excel based reports that all franchisees nationwide are required to produce. This project required us to be flexible and think outside the box to ensure that our clients’ needs were met.