Excel Consulting delivers customised, cost-effective Microsoft Excel and Access solutions that transforms the way our clients manage data.

Case Study



Aeropets was receiving a massive number of enquiries and the manager and two staff ware working overtime to complete quotes manually. Each quote was taking around 20 minutes to prepare.


Excel Consultingconducted a complete evaluation of how Aeropets was gathering their data via their website. We suggested a number of key improvements that would enable then to collect more accurate information from their website enquiry form.

We then updated their existing Excel spreadsheet with normalised data and created a series of pricing rules. Once the pricing was completed, we created a range of quote wording that could be customised for each enquiry.

This customised solution was inexpensive and efficient and enabled Aeropets to reduce staff numbers, save time and increase their profit margin. In addition, Excel Consulting are now creating an Access database of all leads and quotes and performing analytics on the leads and sales conversions, email automation, analysing sales profitability), automating aspects of operations and creating stronger business processes for our client.