• Integrating Forms with other Office 365 Apps

    Integrating Forms with other Office 365 Apps

    During one of our SharePoint Online courses recently, a student asked how to create a Staff Nominations form. They wanted it to appear on their SharePoint page and then view […]

  • Understanding SharePoint Permissions

    Understanding SharePoint Permissions

    SharePoint Permissions – Why they are important SharePoint permissions become important after you have created your first SharePoint site. With your new site you may want to provide or restrict […]

  • Core Elements of a SharePoint Site

    Core Elements of a SharePoint Site

      SharePoint Site Templates All SharePoint sites are created from a template that best suits a particular business purpose. But regardless of which template is used, all sites tend to […]

  • A Case for SharePoint Online

    A Case for SharePoint Online

      Right Timing Great ideas can become wrong ideas very quickly if the timing is wrong. Long before the establishment of Facebook, there were other social media sites such as […]

  • SharePoint Key Advantages

    SharePoint Key Advantages

      Have you heard of it? – SharePoint Key Advantages   If you regularly use the Office suite you might have heard about the collaborative platform SharePoint. Some colleagues or […]

  • SharePoint and flexible working

    SharePoint and flexible working

        The Benefits of SharePoint & Flexible Working I spent many years immersed in the investment banking world. It’s a competitive culture but this doesn’t mean team work isn’t […]


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