Online training allows you to train from anywhere, any time and offers you a range of courses that fits your needs. You just need an Internet connection and a computer.


Cheaper– cheaper than face to face and other forms of training especially when booking large groups of people.

compassFlexible – learning can be undertaken anytime & anywhere.


Tracking – get instant feedback on your learning progress.

laptopInteractive Content – making it an easy and interesting way to learn to learn.

employeeHands On – our training modules are all hands on. Practice tests ensure you apply what you learn.

mortarboard Certifications – validate your skills and have them widely recognised with Certifications.

Train with us, Start is simple as:  

2. We will provide your login details.


3. Access to the training portal and upskill.



binocularsSee how it works here.

Course Information

pointerCourseware – Once you have registered for a course we will email your account details and you can start your course work in your own time. Course work is completed on your browser with questions asked along the way. You are able to click through content you already know enabling you to control the learning pace. Courseware can be paused and resumed at a later time.


Practice exams – these complement the course work and provide useful feedback on module areas requiring further review. A small system check is required to be completed prior to starting the practice test. This ensures you have the software application that you have chosen to learn (e.g. Excel 2013 or 2010) installed on your computer. Tests can be paused an recommenced at a later time.