Your staff are your most valuable asset, and making sure they are trained with the skills and knowledge they need is essential for meeting your business goals. Training helps you get the most out of your staff and increases their job satisfaction, helping you retain staff and avoid the expense of recruitment.

Our online IT training platform is used in 150 countries by 14,000,000 people and also meets Australian training standards. The platform enables you to train and assess your staff to ensure they meet minimum computer literacy and productivity requirements.

Online Staff Training Benefits

When compared to traditional face to face training, online offers the following benefits:

calendarFlexible – learning can be undertaken anytime, including during quiet times or even at home minimising work down time. Courseware and practice tests can be paused and re-commenced at a later time.


dollar-billCheaper – cheaper than face to face and other forms of training, especially when training a large number of staff.


coinsMoney well spent – assessments provide you with the knowledge that your training budget is well spent. Staff are forced to learn as opposed to merely attend a course.


organizationStaff pathways – the platform provides courses in a variety of applications. Staff can complete multiple course modules increasing employee satisfaction and promoting staff retention.


teamConsistency – learning method is delivered consistently regardless of location and learning outcomes are standardised across your organisation.


diagram-1Reporting ability – you can run a variety of detailed reports giving you oversight of your staff enrolments and progress. Reporting is invaluable to training and managers as it provides an audit trail of your staff improvement.



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Where to from here?

If you have budget to train large numbers of people (>20) we can provide you a demo account so you can try this great product yourself. Use the contact page to request your free demo today!