Developing bespoke software cost be a lengthy and costly exercise. By adopting a RAD approach we can substantially reduce this burden. Our approach is simple, we aim to deliver accurate, customised models to solve your business needs, fast. We use Excel and VBA as a platform. Our strong business background put us in a unique position of being able to quickly grasp your needs and set about finding a solution

How is RAD different?

– Shorter the planning and specification timeline
– We get down to basics straight away
– Determine the business requirement and start to build a model
– We directly communicate with the key stakeholders to evolve the project
– Testing and building is fluid

What are the benefits?

– Lower investment than other software development
– Up and running within in 1-2 weeks
– Model can later be shifted to a different platform if the client requires
– It’s a great way to test business concepts and get quick systems in place
– Many clients find it easier to define requirements once they have a basis to work from.

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